Mother’s Day will soon come and go. For some of us this is a time for us to remember to show our Mother’s gratitude for all that they have done for us. For others, it can be a time for grieving due to the loss of a parent.

While some people are taking their Mother to dinner or picking up the phone to call and thank their Mother, some are faced with the realization that there is nobody to take to dinner and nobody to call.

My Mother passed away 7 years ago. Thus, I have been faced with Motherless Day for the last 7 years. My Mother returned peacefully into the universe while in hospice. Luckily I was there, holding her hand, when she transcended.

You may wonder, how can we find happiness in death when that moment seems to be met with such sadness?

Without sadness we cannot understand true happiness.

I have a lot to be sad about when it comes to my Mother’s death. She was my best friend. She knew almost everything about me. She was protective of me (the baby of the bunch) and taught me right from wrong.

I felt like I lost my anchor to this world when she left. I will never get to hold her hand again here on Earth. It’s sad.

With that said, there is so much more to be happy about.

My Mother died in an instant— a millisecond in eternity. However, she lived and brought happiness to her family and most everyone she came into contact with for 68 years prior to that millisecond. I strive to be as happy-go-lucky as her.

If your Mother is no longer with you, focus on the great things that she did, the battles she overcame, and the love and gratitude that she shared with yourself and those around her. Mother’s Day is not a day to mourn and she wouldn’t want that anyway. This is a day to walk in her footsteps, channel her energy, and make the most of your day.

Send her your gratitude when you wake, breathe in her energy, and set your intention to have a wonderful day.

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