Hi, I’m Terrence.
Mindset & Entrepreneur Coach
I write about personal development as well as entrepreneurship. My passion is teaching people how to develop a Winner's Mindset. This is something I've learned that has had the largest, positive impact on my life. This mindset stuff is not reserved for me; you too can win at life and I'd be grateful for the opportunity to teach you how. You can start with my Winner’s Mindset course and soak up all the free material on my blog. I know there is a Self Champ inside of you that we can unleash into the world.

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What People Say

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"Terrence has helped me tremendously with my business. I first hired a design agency to create my website and after launch my customer interaction was dismal. I then found Terrence and commissioned him to redesign my website. Now its pleasing to look at and people actually interact and engage. He understands people and business."
"I have never met someone as calm as Terrence, especially when things go awry. Lets face it, in business not everything goes as planned. If you are looking to gain a Winner's Mindset from someone the choice is simple, TERRENCE. His professionalism and calmness has positively impacted my business."
"As a student of the Winner's Mindset beta-course I couldn't be happier with what I have learned. I went from knocking myself down to building myself up. I have learned to transition from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. It is not a change that came overnight but with constant practice I am excelling in my work."
"Like many people, I was always uncomfortable discussing my life path. Terrence made it clear that we all have a choice and it was effortless to read and connect with concepts presented through the SelfChamp blog. Terrence has helped me to apply proven practices to wrangle in and hack this important thing called life. I highly recommended any of his blog material and courses."